In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge
— Colossians 2:3

·Grades PK—5th Grade

Our multi-age classrooms and small class sizes allow us to meet the unique needs of each student.  We group students into kindergarten and first grade; second and third grade; and fourth and fifth grade classrooms.

Singapore Math

  • This year we are implementing a new curriculum that incorporates more manipulatives

  • The math program used by Singapore schools has consistently resulted in students scoring well above those in other countries

   VoWac Language & Institute for Excellence in Writing

  • VoWac (Vowel Oriented Word Attack Course) use multi-sensory strategies to help students read, spell, and decode unfamiliar words

  • Excellence in Writing provides solid instruction in both the structure of written communication and the style used to make a student's writing impact his or her audience

   A Beka History & Science

  • A Beka history curriculum focuses on American, world, and ancient history all from a Biblical worldview that seeks God's hand in all the stories of the world
  • A Beka science covers basic science concepts in the context of discovering how God has fashioned His world




  • Art and Music

    • Students explore various visual art forms and media

    • Our music classes focus on choral music which students showcase at our assemblies and Christmas program

  • Physical Education





Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.
— Proverbs 3:13


Our students learn to hide God's word in their hearts through the discipline of weekly Scripture memory.  Bible study focuses on specific areas of the Biblical text each year: Old Testament narrative, Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, and the wisdom literature of Psalms and Proverbs.

Science - A Beka & Bob Jones

We teach all science as a study of God and His world.  While open to discussion and exploration, we are firmly creationist in our worldview and teaching. Sixth graders study general science using A Beka's excellent textbook while seventh and eighth grade students study Life Science and Earth Science with Bob Jones University texts.

Mathematics - Saxon Math

Continuing seamlessly from elementary mathematics, we continue to use Saxon's incremental approach to teaching mathematics.

History - Bob Jones and McGraw Hill

We view history as an unfolding of mankind's fall and God's redemption.  We focus firmly on the foundation of God's truth through the ages. In sixth and seventh grade, the texts focus on American history using Bob Jones texts.  In keeping with a shift in Washington state requirements, we have moved the study of Washington State History and Geography to eighth grade.  Although both of these latter texts are from secular publishers, we teach students how to discern the truth in each text while gathering the rich gems of truth about our fascinating world and state.

English Language Arts - Institute for Excellence in Writing and Mosdos Press Literature

Students learn to appreciate great literature without worrying about questionable content.  We train our students to write well both structurally and stylistically from narrative, to reports, to essays.

Fine Arts

Students explore visual and performing arts through visual media, dramatic productions, and choral instruction.

Foreign Language

In order to prepare our students for high school level coursework, we offer Spanish language and culture for high school credit in our eighth grade classes

Physical Education and Technology Skills

We value all aspects of who God has made us to be and seek to honor His work in us through care for our bodies.  Additionally, we train students in keyboarding and word processing skills in preparation for high school courses.


An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
— Proverbs 18:15

Our academic strengths rest firmly on our Christian foundation and God's mandate of excellence in all we do. In light of this we aim to provide a rigorous academic training that meets or exceeds what students could receive elsewhere.  

Curriculum & Courses:


  • Inductive Bible Study Methods
  • Old Testament Survey *provides concurrent credit from Northwest University
  • New Testament Survey
  • Apologetics *provides concurrent credit from Northwest University
  • Missiology: the study of world missions


  • World History
  • U. S. History & AP U. S. History
  • Government
  • Current World Problems

Literature: Textword Press and Institute for Excellence in Writing

  • We offer English Foundations, World Literature, American Literature, British Literature and honors World Literature. Literature is predominately novel-based with supplementary material in the Implications of Literature series by Textword Press.  By the senior year, we challenge students to consistently apply a Christian worldview to texts they will encounter into adulthood.
  • Our writing program continues from the elementary and middle school versions of the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum, and focuses on academic writing and literary essays.

Science: Apologia and Bob Jones

  • Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics form the core of our science courses.  With a strong emphasis on Biblical principles of wisdom, Apologia also provides rigorous experiments that encourage students to discover scientific principles in the real world
  • Bob Jones Biology is supplemented with regular dissections of animals in our region, including pig, sheep, and fish


  • Saxon Mathematics through Advanced Math
  • AP Statistics
  • Pre-calculus (college level)

Foreign Language

  • Spanish:  One of our goals is to produce mission-minded students, so foreign instruction includes Scripture memory in the target language.
  • Koine (Biblical) Greek: We offer Greek I, II, and III.  Students directly translate works from the Greek New Testament at a college level.  We view this instruction as both unique and invaluable in the study of God's word. *


Fine Arts

  • Drama
  • Chorus
  • Pottery 
  • Guitar
  • Art
  • Film Appreciation(NEW FOR 2017 - 2018)
  • Movie production (NEW FOR 2017 - 2018)

Career & Technical Education

  • Career & Financial Planning
  • Agricultural Science
  • Yearbook

Online Classes: We partner with Grand Canyon University to provide dual enrollment credits and with Internet Academy for online or credit recovery courses

Home School Support and Opportunities

At ACS we believe that Christian homeschooling families and Christian schools share the same goal of raising up discerning leaders who will impact their families and communities with the love of God. In light of our common desires for this generation, we want to provide opportunities to supplement your home schooling experience.

Extracurricular & special programs


Secondary students are welcome to audition for our Spring Play, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Auditions begin February 26. The play will be held April 25 - 27 at Lifeway Church in downtown Arlington.  Contact Mrs. Overgaard in January at


     Classes for handbuilding and throwing, single sessions or three week sessions, once or twice a week depending on class type. Contact Mrs. Overgaard at


     Students work maintaining our chicken coop, selling eggs, plants and maintaining food crops, growing vegetable starts, and helping with stream restoration.

class offerings

We offer lab sciences, Biblical Greek, guitar, drama, pottery, literature, history, Bible (including apologetics), and math classes which may be of interest to homeschooling students.

Classes are offered daily. Tuition is prorated based on the number of classes taken


Junior High (5th&6th can play up):

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Flag football

High School (8th can play up):

  • Flag football (Spring): all

homeschool students are


  • Volleyball (fall) and

Basketball (winter) require

students to attend at least 3

classes on campus in order to

be WIAA eligible to play


Special all-school events

  • Walkathon & Color Run

    • School competition to collect canned goods and non-perishables

  • Harvest Festival

    • Usually last Friday in October

    • After lunch

  • Poetry Out Loud

    • 2nd Friday in January

    • Senior High Students compete with memorized poem recitation

    • Middle school read or write poems and present them

    • Elementary write poems and present

  • Science Fair & Science Day

    • Science projects are directed by classroom teachers (contact office in November to transfer you to teacher if you are interested in participating)

    • Students present projects in their classrooms at the Science Open House, last Thursday of January, 6 - 7:30

  • History Day

    • Usually in January/February

    • This takes place during the second half of the day

    • Organized by secondary history teachers (contact office to transfer you to teacher if you are interested in hosting or helping with a room)

    • Secondary students take primary students in team rotations with primary students

    • Junior High and/or 5th/6th biography presentations

  • Arts & Authors

    • All grades prepare and display their artwork or writing projects

    • Most elementary make some kind of book to share or some other writing assignment that parents/visitors would be able to read

    • Secondary students: poetry or writing projects

    • Pottery class display/activity

    • Music classes presentation

  • International Day

    • Late May, morning of the half day

    • Teachers pair up with exchange students to present their culture in individual classrooms (contact office in November to transfer you to teacher if you are interested in participating)

    • Other classes “adopt” a country to present

    • Presentations usually include:

      • Food samples (optional but fun)

      • Games

      • Costumes

      • Language/writing