Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.
— Proverbs 3:13


Our students learn to hide God's word in their hearts through the discipline of weekly Scripture memory.  Bible study focuses on specific areas of the Biblical text each year: Old Testament narrative, Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, and the wisdom literature of Psalms and Proverbs.

Science - A Beka & Bob Jones

We teach all science as a study of God and His world.  While open to discussion and exploration, we are firmly creationist in our worldview and teaching. Sixth graders study general science using A Beka's excellent textbook while seventh and eighth grade students study Life Science and Earth Science with Bob Jones University texts.

Mathematics - Saxon Math

Continuing seamlessly from elementary mathematics, we continue to use Saxon's incremental approach to teaching mathematics.

History - Bob Jones and McGraw Hill

We view history as an unfolding of mankind's fall and God's redemption.  We focus firmly on the foundation of God's truth through the ages. In sixth and seventh grade, the texts focus on American history using Bob Jones texts.  In keeping with a shift in Washington state requirements, we have moved the study of Washington State History and Geography to eighth grade.  Although both of these latter texts are from secular publishers, we teach students how to discern the truth in each text while gathering the rich gems of truth about our fascinating world and state.

English Language Arts - Institute for Excellence in Writing and Mosdos Press Literature

Students learn to appreciate great literature without worrying about questionable content.  We train our students to write well both structurally and stylistically from narrative, to reports, to essays.

Fine Arts

Students explore visual and performing arts through visual media, dramatic productions, and choral instruction.

Foreign Language

In order to prepare our students for high school level coursework, we offer Spanish language and culture for high school credit in our eighth grade classes

Physical Education and Technology Skills

We value all aspects of who God has made us to be and seek to honor His work in us through care for our bodies.  Additionally, we train students in keyboarding and word processing skills in preparation for high school courses.