Our Mission:

Through academically rigorous, Biblically-founded education

  • Partner with families to raise this generation

  • Equip students a a Biblical worldview

  • Impact the community and culture for Christ

Our Philosophy:

Three Essentials for Training up the Next Generation

  • Families: We welcome and invite families to take part

    • Communicate with teachers in person or via our online Jupiter Grades

    • Get involved in decision making by attending monthly board meetings

    • Join the Parent-Teacher-Student Association

    • Volunteer to serve around the school

    • Take part as a chaperone on retreats and field trips

  • Churches: We are interdenominational and families represent over a dozen local churches:

  • School: We are devoted to a Biblical worldview across the curricula

    • Science classes are based on a Creationist viewpoint and teach students how to respond to the claims of evolution

    • Literature classes emphasize a Biblical view of the world and teach students how to discern other messages in texts

    • Bible classes focus on the words of Scripture and our graduating seniors are equipped with apologetics strategies and responses to the world

    • History classes emphasize our national Christian heritage and the mandate to go to all nations

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.
— Psalm 78:4