Administrator: Wendy Tavenner

Elementary Lead Teacher: Melissa Fagan

Pre-K 3 & 4: Melissa Fagan

Kindergarten: Michele Poortinga

First & Second Grade: Brianna Johnson

Third & Fourth Grade: Vanessa Buska

Fifth & Sixth Grade: Alec Stephenson


  • Pastor Russ Nuss: Bible, History, Agricultural Science, and Guitar

  • Mr. Carson Tavenner: Math and Science

  • Mr. David Montz: Bible, Yearbook, English, and Photography

  • Mrs. Nancy Overgaard: Music, Drama, and Pottery

  • Mrs. Wendy Tavenner: English and P. E.

From our administration and front office to our faculty and support staff, we strive together in prayer, words, and actions to serve the greater school body.